Propose A Toast (Mixtape)

by Spa

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Mixtape featuring some new tracks, guest spots, freestyles, and remixes that I recorded while writing for my new album, Raise Your Glass. This was a fun project to just drop some lyrics. Raise Your Glass is coming soon, hope this holds y'all over!


released July 30, 2010

Guest Spots By: MCMF, Jive The Universal, Mycall, John Blake, STS, AC, A-Lox, Bandit, Whygee, $hi-Money, & More!

Production By: Insizion, MCMF, Dubya, Alex Goose, Vohn Beatz, Jake One, Polow Da Don, Morjac, & More!

Mix By: Jive The Universal from The Stiz Recordings



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Spa Morristown

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Track Name: Toast When U C Me
Verse 1:
Everyday is a new chance
b-boy stance, heart of a true champ
tryin' to build my future, just usin my 2 hands
hungry gotta find a way to eat, no food stamps
grind hard, celebrate hard
buyin out the bar is why u get a day job
if you can not handle all this mess & chaos
go home and do nothin practice meditation
S-P-A y'all, synonymous with crazy
known to celebrate like Madonna in the 80's
like the Yanks in the 90's
the Yanks like cheddar
now we champs again son thanks Steinbrenner
I'm a new boss, Jersey out to New York
toast to Mike Jack-son, do the moon walk
no cash in the bank, stash in a shoebox
so toast when you see me don't be mad at your dude Spa

Verse 2:
Cause I'm carrying the torch
still in love with the game most got married and divorced
I'm a real lyricist, you hear it when I talk
I make hit songs too it's the cherry on the top
most of y'all know your tooth is sweet
it's why everthing I spit in the booth's a treat
not to mention everytime it's the truth I speak
rubberband on my wrist, no jewelery
I still like to look fresh
if they don't see me comin they gon hear my footsteps
and hear the flow yo, unless your hood's deaf
and you know, I got more quotes then a bookshelf
so toast when u c me, start promotin my cd
live 1 second at a time, slow motion on tv
i toast to my sizelf, I'm focused on me, me
so toast when u c me, toast, toast, when u c me

Verse 3:
I'd deliver a speech
but drank so much liquor that my liver is weak
actually I'm stumblin, another shot
my count says it's number 10
Track Name: Rave Of The Town ft. AC
Spa Verse:

Everybody wanna be the man
I like to sit back always had a deeper plan
ain't tryin to prove nothin
a lotta dudes frontin'
soon you slippin on that ice homey cool running's
who's comin with Spa the journeys finally startin
got a lot on my chest, Dolly Pardon
tryin to find my way in this world since Bonnie brought him
and I wanna share it with y'all I'm Johny Carson
and I'm kindly parked in, the front spot
my one shot, is finally sparkin
so propose a toast with me, buy some shots quick
before I blow this opportunity cause time will tock-tick
tick tock, it's spa I kill clocks
no wrist watch, watch this, beats by Insiz knock
this spot, it's mine, you can try to take it
best be ready to lose like you flyin to Vegas
I grind no patience, got a ma with great hips
who is fly as space ships
I'm the toast of the town, most just pretend
you the rave of the town to you foe's and your friends